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''What I ultimately found is that this chair genuinely surprised me. This one fit me nicely, and after breaking it in, it felt comfortable and suitable for my back.'' sportskeeda
"A chair can’t just look nice, though – it has a job to do. After a few weeks of working and gaming from DXRacer’s Craft chair, I’m pleased to say that it’s a comfortable seat that’s a marked upgrade." PCGamesN
"Working with DXRacer, a pioneer in the gaming chair space, to provide Immortals-branded chairs to our players and influencers underscores our commitment to creating a first class experience for our talent," said Brett McGrew, Immortals' VP, Partnerships & Activation. "We're excited to be enhancing our performance with DXRacer." CISION
"The Craft Series fits like a glove thanks to high-density foam enveloped in a plush polyurethane leather." SKEWED
"Where the Craft Series truly stands out is in the plethora of looks that the chair is designed in. From the uber-clean style of the Classic Edition to the aggressively patriotic USA Edition, you’re sure to find an option that fits your taste no matter how relaxed or over the top you’d like to go." DEXERTO
''DXRacer sacrifices nothing in the name of customization and aesthetics and delivers a truly premium and luxury product - every aspect of the chair screams quality workmanship.'' MMORPG
''A chair can't just look nice– it has a job to do. If you're looking for a way to jazz up your home office or gaming space with a bespoke design, DXRacer's Craft line is the way to go.'' PCGamesN
''DXRacer gaming chairs bring a memorable gaming experience to the Great Lakes community.'' CISION
''The plush foam is top of the line and simply makes the chair really comfortable to sit in, even after hours of gaming. '' GAMERANT
"There are seven embroidered styles including colorful, weird, and funny ones. All are comfortable and supportive." CHAIRSFX
"I’m very impressed with the overall quality of the DXRacer Gaming Chair. There’s a lot to like about the DXRacer Gaming Chair. I really enjoy the chair’s stability, and I don’t feel like it’s ever going to break." TopGamingChair
"I’m extremely impressed with the level of detail the Craft Series chairs offer. I highly recommend the Craft Series chairs, especially if you’re looking to treat yourself with something that feels truly special and one of a kind." SHACKNEWS
''Seeing so many awesome work-from-home and gaming setups people have shared over the years, we believe the custom Craft Series is the perfect match for any setup.” GAMINGTREND
"Beyond the stylish exterior, the DXRacer Craft Custom Gaming Chair Special Edition is a well-built and sturdy chair." GAMINGPIZZA
''DXRacer gaming chairs are built with some of the best materials using scientifically-backed ergonomic designs. Make no mistake: DXRacer chairs are comfortable, and it's thanks to this careful R&D process.'' GAMERANT
''A surprising feature, for me at least, was the integrated lumbar support. A rotary dial located on the right side of the chair allows you to adjust the backrest for optimal spinal support via a mechanism that allows the backrest to slightly protrude, providing exceptional support in the lower back area – which is an area I often have pains in.'' GAMINGTREND
7 Modular Parts to Suit Every Need
7 Modular Parts to Suit Every Need

The modular design allows you to change and select accessories according to changing seasons as well as personal desires without sacrificing comfort. All you need to do is to purchase the additional modular parts and assemble them easily.

How to Sit Comfortably in Your Gaming Chair
How to Sit Comfortably in Your Gaming Chair

Proper use of a chair's ergonomic features is crucial to success. Learn how to sit in a gaming chair correctly to improve your health, wellness, and productivity. This blog covers everything you need to know in under five minutes.

DXRacer Donates to Local Food Bank
DXRacer Donates to Local Food Bank

DXRacer wanted to continue to give back during this COVID-19 difficult time to the best of our ability. We continually reach out and see what we could do, like helping our partners at Extra Life raise money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

DXRacer Unveils the Brand-New Craft Gaming Chair
DXRacer Unveils the Brand-New Craft Gaming Chair