Martian Series Martian Series

Smart Electric Gaming Chair
From the Future

Inspired by the mysterious planet Mars, the DXRacer Martian Series provides you with an out-of-this-world zero-gravity experience that enhances your comfort and performance throughout the day. It makes you feel like you're floating in space!


Magnetic Head Pillow
Magnetic Head Pillow
Magnetic Head Pillow

We have taken a step further in enhancing our pillows to bring more flexible adjustment and the utmost comfort for our users. The specially designed magnets have been seamlessly embedded within the pillow, enabling it to be adjusted over a significantly wider range. With its unique shape and slow-rebounded memory foam, it keeps your head in a perfectly neutral position and provides additional ergonomic support and pressure relief for your head and neck. Our carefully crafted design, with its magnetic prowess, will ensure that your headrest stays firmly in place, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Smart Airbag Lumbar Support
Smart Airbag Lumbar Support
Smart Airbag Lumbar Support

Designed with built-in airbags, Martian Series lumbar support conforms to the natural "S" shape of the human spine. The dual airbags work perfectly to provide customized and targeted support for the upper and lower lumbar areas. It seamlessly fills the gap between the lumbar area and the seat back by the depth adjustment, enhancing comfort and coziness during extended periods of sitting.

4D Armrests with Top Replacement System
4D Armrests with Top Replacement System
4D Armrests with Top Replacement System

4D Armrests provide optimal support for your wrists and elbows, thanks to a refined internal mechanism that allows for smooth and precise adjustments in four directions. Installing one is easy with our user-friendly top replacement system. Just snap on your current armrest tops. Magnetic attachments can guarantee precise alignment with the top of your armrests on every occasion.

Yellow LED Light
Yellow LED Light
Yellow LED Light

Nothing can provide greater drama and a sense of the future to your gaming setup than LED lights. As you lean the backrest backward, the yellow LED light on the right side of the seat will light up, adding a touch of coolness and stylishness.

Electric Adjustable Backrest
Electric Adjustable Backrest
Electric Adjustable Backrest

Martian Series has upgraded the backrest to cater to different seating preferences and make it easier to operate while maintaining the recline function intact. With the simple press of the right-side button, the backrest can be effortlessly adjusted at an angle ranging from 90° to 135°. It's ideal to enable the rocking mode for those times when you want to unwind, watch TV, or take a nap.

Convenient Charging
Convenient Charging
Convenient Charging

Martian Series gaming chair comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and retractable charging that extends up to a distance of 1.5-2.5 meters. It's convenient to connect the battery adapter to your chair or remove the battery from your chair to charge. With its ultra-long standby power, you can enjoy up to two weeks of wireless use on a single charge. This allows you to use your chair in both connected and disconnected states.


Seat Height Adjustment

360° Roation

135° Back Recline

15° Rocking Function

Tilt Lock Function

Headrest Height Adjustment

Lumbar Height Adjustment

Lumbar Depth Adjustment

Armrest Height Adjustment

Armrest Forth & Back Adjustment

Armrest Width Adjustment

Armrest Rotary Adjustment

Extendable Footrest

Swappable Seat Cushion


EPU Leatherette

Our newest generation of EPU leatherette is unrivaled when it comes to durability, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear. It has been tested to exceed regular PU leatherette since it combines the best features of various leatherette samples.

  • Superior Eco-friendly & Energy-saving
  • Perfect Abrasion and Scratch Resistance
  • Outstanding Torsion Resistance
  • Supple Feel
EPU Leatherette EPU Leatherette




Plus / XL

Backrest Height ( a )

84.5 cm

Backrest Width ( b )

58 cm

Seatbase Width ( c )

59.5 cm

Seatbase Height ( d )

11.5 cm

Armrest to Floor ( e )

66.0 cm-81.0 cm

Seatbase to Floor ( f )

49.0 cm-56.0 cm

Quality Assurance

2-year Warranty 2-year Warranty
2-year Warranty

All DXRacer gaming chairs have been put through rigorous tests beyond the industry standards. You can sit with absolute peace of mind.

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Hydraulics Durability Test

A 269 lbs (122 kg) weight is placed onto the seat. The hydraulics is rotated clockwise and counterclockwise for a total of 120,000 cycles.

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