DXRacer Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day. Team DXRacer wanted to take a chance to celebrate and acknowledge the many talented and creative women that are apart of our team, work with, or use our chairs in their daily lives or gaming. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been astounded to watch so many women overcome another obstacle and achieve amazing things in the past year.

At team DXRacer, Chief Operating Officer Leeann Zhang has continued to lead our ship at DXRacer USA. We continue to be the leading brand in gaming chairs and introduced three models to our series in the Master, G Series, and P Series, with more to come later this year! She has also led our charitable efforts, including donating tons of ood to a local food bank and helping us gift a chair to a DXRacer customer who lost his home in a Texas house fire.

DXRacer also wanted to highlight some of the amazing women included in that graphic in a bit more depth.

Lindsay Elyse

We were so happy to welcome Lindsay Elyse back to the DXRacer family. We were one of her first sponsors, and we’re delighted to be working with her again. She has been creating content since 2015! Lindsay is well-known for her cosplay of popular anime and video game characters.  She is also a full-time streamer, streaming a variety of games, including MMOs, FPSs, and RPG. Her stream is live Monday through Saturday.

Make sure to follow her! Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitch | Youtube  

Thea Trinidad

There are not many people who excel in as many fields as Thea Trinidad. Thea is a veteran of the squared circle, working as a professional wrestler for WWE (2017-2020), TNA (2011-2013), and various independent promotions. She also has performed on the silver screen, appearing in Dorothy and the Witches of Oz and Fighting with Family. Thea is also a huge gamer, and you can find her playing games, including Among Us and Dead By Deadlight, on Twitch.

Check out her socials! Twitter | Instagram | Twitch | Youtube  

Alex Zedra

A swiss army knife of content creation, Alex Zedra is always involved in something action-packed. Both in real life and virtual as she is Call of Duty’s Mara’s actress. Alex is also a huge gamer playing mainly Call of Duty Warzone. She creates a variety of content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube.

Tune into all her socials. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitch | Youtube


We love posting setups from the DXRacer family, and sometimes because of it, we find amazing people to work with! That is how we started working with our affiliate Medusya. This desert-dwelling streamer has been streaming on and off for four years but recently committed to streaming full-time. You can recently find her playing Overwatch and Valheim on Twitch!

Send a follow to all her socials: Twitter | Instagram | Twitch | Youtube


We have recently revamped our affiliate program to include more amazing creators, and one of our first additions was Samantha, aka Samma_FTW. The Vancouver-based streamer plays a variety of games, both casually and competitive. Recently the lineup has included Overwatch, Rocket League, Valheim, and more. She also helps raise money for sick children by being a part of the Extra Life team. Samma_FTW streams four times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday starting 11:00 PM EST.

Be sure to tune into their next stream: Twitter | Instagram | Twitch

I also wanted to take a chance to credit everyone part of the DXRacer family that allowed us to use their picture in our International Women’s Day graphic. It is incredible to see so many amazing people using our chair! Instagram handle in alphabetical order: @a.d.d.i.e__,  @alex_zedra, @amorisaiya_, @anna.sa.x, @apocalypsesushi @ashvsevilbread, @awcmonpuddin,  @blackxrubin, @catssidy_,  @courtth3dork, @didi.gamerx, @dieminardi94, @_felliine_, @gglindsayelyse, @girlfriendtv, @ilseeetje_, @jana_jhk, @mootmads, @medusyah, @msmurd3ra, @nirvanaakanuci, @pokemon.bebe, @raven.gates, @samma_ftw.official,  @sarahyoowgaming, @theatrinidad, @thefangirleclectric, @triciacasta,  @valerie_levesque_, @yagmurumsu, @zuckerpuppe235

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