DXRacer Master – World’s 1st Modular Chair

Whitmore Lake, Michigan – November 11th, 2020. DXRacer Master Video

After a decade of manufacturing gaming chairs, many have asked us, what’s next and upcoming?

Through rigorous testing and engineering, we are excited to announce the launch of the DXRacer Master Chair – World’s 1st Modular Chair.

The engineering behind this chair is to allow users to switch out accessories and parts without compromising on comfort, giving more options for preference. If you prefer a breathable mesh cushion for Summer or a Microfibre cushion for Winter, all you need to do is to detach the seat and purchase the additional modular options.

There are additional modular parts such as a cup holder, laptop desk, and leg rest. For full specs and information on the chair, please visit https://dxracermaster.com/

Softer and more durable with our new Microfibre leather.

Hidden rail-mounted headrest for better adjustability for users of different heights.

Integrated adjustable lumbar support for better sitting posture.

Fully customizable armrest.

Modular seating options – Mesh or Microfibre cushion.

World’s 1st DXRacer Modular Master Chair

Media Downloads – https://dxracermaster.com/media-downloads.html

Media Enquiries –  Marketing@DXRacer.com.