DXRacer Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Editions Now Available for Pre-Purchase!

Whitmore Lake, Michigan – July 27, 2021. Guild Wars 2.

When we first announced our partnership with Guild Wars 2, we promised there was more to come! Since we started, it's been a blast to interact with the Guild Wars community and hook up some Guild Wars 2 players with a new comfy chair. Today we unveil the next and most significant step in our partnership, The DXRacer Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Editions.

Over our decade-plus providing gamers the best place to sit, we have continued to evolve our chairs to ensure support with an eye-catching style. We take enormous pride in the craftsmanship of our product. That dedication and attention to detail have led us to the top chair we have crafted yet. The Craft Series allows us to add artwork and designs on the chair through embroidery. This gives the chair a more distinguished and fashionable appearance. The entire body of the Craft series, front and back, is a canvas for art. Unlike traditional screen-printing technology, our large embroidery printing allows for more exquisite designs that pop right off the chair.

The Craft Series aims to be the industry leader with a sleek look and functionality for professional and gaming settings. It is not just the stunning looks either. The Craft features soft and smooth to touch PU leather. The Craft Series has the same integrated lumbar support as our Master Series. We have updated our neck pillow as well, adding cooling gel to keep you chill. The building and structure of the chair have also been updated with a rail system with magnetic covers.

With Guild Wars 2's latest expansion, End of Dragons, right around the corner. Don't miss the chance to play the best online RPG around while sitting in the first-ever release of the DXRacer Craft Series.

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