DXRacer Master Wins Gold and More at Muse Design Awards

Whitmore Lake, Michigan – June 11, 2021. MUSE Design Awards.

DXRacer is always aiming to revolutionize gaming chairs. As the original manufacturer of gaming chairs since 2006, we take our product development seriously. The DXRacer Master Series is the combination of years of that progress. The DXRacer Master is our best chair to date. The DXRacer Master is the first modular gaming chair. The modular chair allows users to customize their gaming and work experience. Our modular attachments are not just customization options but made to help remove clutter and create more efficient and organized setups. The chair is topped off with our premium microfiber leather that is silky smooth to touch. Thus, creating the optimal and most comfortable chair.

As the demand for the new chair continues to rise, so have the accolades. The DXRacer Master took home two awards at the 2021 MUSE Design Awards. The MUSE Design Awards is an international competition for designers whose craftsmanship shift paradigms. The DXRacer Master was recognized as shifting the bar in multiple fields; Office Furniture and Seating & Comfort Furniture.

For Office Furniture, the DXRacer took home the Gold Award. We are extremely pleased to rank so high for office furniture. The Master chair was in mind to reach more audiences than our traditional gaming style but still retain what made DXRacer the leader in our industry. The Master Series took Silver in Seating & and Comfort furniture. We are creating chairs that are sleek in design and allow users more freedom in morular attachments and still a comfortable experience. We are very proud that the jury of judges has rewarded us on both fronts.

The MUSE Awards is a series of international competitions hosted by the International Awards. Associate (IAA), catering to professionals from various industries in hopes of promoting excellence in their respective fields. “There is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun,” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of IAA. “It couldn't ' t be any further from the truth – there is always something fresh and exciting from the competitors every year."

IAA ensures impartiality and strict assessment criteria by setting up a jury made up of industry professionals who exhibit high standards of excellence. In turn, the jury would select a new wave of excellent individuals or organizations, who would likely set new benchmarks in their fields.

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