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EasternMediaGG is a community of gamers and content creators that aims to connect and support broadcasters and graphic designers. We operate within the sphere of esports, creating content for Twitch and other streaming platforms. Our Discord server is always buzzing with chats about people's days, latest games played, new game releases, streamers producing content, esports news and more.


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DXRacer’s Craft chair reviews

"I’m extremely impressed with the level of detail the Craft Series chairs offer. I highly recommend the Craft Series chairs, especially if you’re looking to treat yourself with something that feels truly special and one of a kind."

DXRacer Drifting Series Reviews

''DXRacer gaming chairs are built with some of the best materials using scientifically-backed ergonomic designs. Make no mistake: DXRacer chairs are comfortable, and it's thanks to this careful R&D process.''