Improper VS Proper Sitting Posture

Any expert will tell you that sitting too long is bad for your health. When you sit on your butt, you shorten your hip flexors and overstretch your glutes. If you spend most of your day sitting, your muscles will become stiff. Over time, this stiffness shortens your stride, making it difficult to walk comfortably and efficiently. But things get even worse when you sit incorrectly.

Obviously, it is impossible to stand for the rest of your life. To minimize back and neck pain, as well as shooting pains in your arms and legs, you should avoid sitting incorrectly and lessen some of the side effects of sedentary behavior.

Improper Sitting Posture:

× Do not place yourself at the front edge of the gaming chair.

× Do not stand on the gaming chair.

× Do not hunch over or lean back.

× Do not sit too far back in the seat or lay your entire weight on the backrest only.

× Do not lean on the chair’s armrests.

× Do not allow more than one person to sit in a gaming chair at a time.

× Do not move the chair around when a guy is sitting in it.

× Do not push the backrest down when a guy is reclined.

× Do not place your hand or fingers close to the recline mechanism.

× Do not cross your legs.

Proper Sitting Posture:

√ Sit in the center of the gaming chair with your back to the backrest.

√ Recline the backrest of the chair to 100°~110°. Sit straight, lean back in the gaming chair, and tuck your hips deep into the seat.

√ Keep your shoulders relaxed and your back straight. Do not slouch or raise your shoulders.

√ The monitor should be directly in front of you. Sit an arm's length away from the monitor and keep the top of the screen at eye level.

√ Keep your arms in an L-shaped bend, with your elbows at your sides and your wrists in a comfortable position.

√ Your keyboard should be near your front, leaving four to six inches of clearance in front of your desk to allow your wrists to rest between writing sessions.

√ Make sure your feet are flat on the floor with your thighs parallel to the floor and your knees bent at a 90° angle by adjusting the height of your chair or adding footrests.