Why Switch to the DXRacer Master

DXRacer manages to balance the comfort of a high-end office chair with the features of a racing-style gaming chair. The resulting product is the DXRacer Master, a perfect fit for both gaming professionals and home workers.

To help prevent the forced postures that can lead to chronic shoulder, elbow, and wrist issues, the DXRacer Master is equipped with 4-directional full metal armrests that can be adjusted up and down, forward and back, as well as side to side, and be moved inward and outward. This chair is also capable of a full 90 to 135-degree recline and a multi-tilt mechanism that lets you lock and unlock the tilt angle of your chair.

Built with ergonomics in mind. The memory foam headrest on the DXRacer Master is designed to maximize the support and rest for your neck, while the hidden lumbar system provides plenty of lower-back support for you to settle in and relax after long gaming sessions or at the end of the workday.

As a high-end gaming chair, the DXRacer Master also features high specs. The frame of the chair is made of steel and the base is made of an aluminum alloy. The DXRacer Master is upholstered with luxury microfiber leather and has a high-density mold shaping foam seat and back that is comfortable to sit on for hours at a time. It has something different too. The Master chair supports a few add-ons including a cup holder, a footrest, and a multi-use arm that will hold a laptop or mobile phone.